4DRC F12 GPS Drone WIFI FPV 6K HD Dual Camera Foldable Professional Quadcopter

4DRC F12 GPS Drone WIFI FPV 6K HD Dual Camera Foldable Professional Quadcopter

4DRC F12 GPS Drone WIFI FPV 6K HD Dual Camera Foldable Professional Quadcopter
4DRC F11 GPS 5G WIFI RC Drone ESC 6K HD Dual Camera FPV Quadcopter 2 Batteries. 4DRC F9 GPS 5G WIFI FPV Drone Wide Angle 6K HD Dual Camera Foldable Quadcopter. 4DRC F10 GPS 5G WIFI FPV Drone 6K HD Dual Camera Foldable Quadcopter 3 Batteries. 4DRC F4 GPS 5G Wifi RC Drone 2-Axis Gimbal 4K HD Camera Quadcopter Gesture Photo.

4DRC F12 GPS Drone 6K HD Wide Angle Dual Camera WIFI FPV RC Quadcopter 3 Battery. Drone X Pro WiFi FPV 4K HD Wide Angle Dual Camera Selfie Foldable RC Quadcopter.

4DRC V23 6K Dual Camera WIFI FPV Drone Obstacle Avoidance Foldable Quadcopter. 4DRC F4 GPS 5G Wifi RC Drone 2-Axis Gimbal 4K HD Camera Profesional Quadcopter.

4DRC F4 GPS Drone 5G Wifi FPV 2-Axis Gimbal 4K HD Camera Quadcopter Follow Me. 4DRC F11 GPS 5G WIFI RC Drone 6K HD Dual Camera FPV Selfie Quadcopter 3 Battery. 4DRC V23 WIFI FPV Drone 6K HD Dual Camera Selfie Obstacle Avoidance Quadcopter. 4DRC F9 GPS 5G WIFI FPV Drone 6K Dual Camera Professional Quadcopter 3 Batteries.

The functions here are very complet. The price here is incredible. We also support wholesale, the more you order, the more discounts you can get. If you have any questions about the after-sales, please contact me in time, I will solve it for you as soon as possible.

Instructions in 8 national languages are available, and the attached instructions are in Chinese and English, and the rest are electronic versions. This model has RED certificate, battery certificate, ASTM certificate, test report, CE, CPC, EN71-19 and other certificates. Another operation video is provided. Product Name: F12 Brushless ESC Drone.

Packing method: whole machine + black carrying box Weight: 600 grams. Battery capacity: 7.4V plug-in smart 2500mah lithium battery. Aircraft battery charging time: about 5 hours. Remote control charging time: about 2 hours.

Drone flight time: about 25 minutes. Emote control battery life: rechargeable remote control, built-in lithium battery, fully charged remote control can achieve 4 hours long. Flight range (remote control length and distance): about 2000 meters, about 2000 meters for image transmission. Flight range (remote control altitude distance): 120 meters. ESC Dual Camera PTZ6K wide-angle 120° adjustable camera. Continuously to open the map interface. The map displays the last distance, latitude and longitude position of the aircraft.

Image follow: Identify the subject and automatically follow the flight. Route multi-point planning flight: The aircraft flies autonomously. According to the preset route, and the player focuses on shooting.

Target to find the center point of the circle, and then move the. Desired circle radius with the joystick. Gesture shooting recognition: within 1-3m of the aircraft, make a photo gesture/camera gesture facing the camera. Pictures, music and videos can be shared: You can single-select or. Multiple-select to share photos, and videos can only be shared.

One-key takeoff on the remote control /. Return the camera will be aimed at the operator when returning to. Home, which is convenient for the operator to control. 7.4V 2500mah Drone battery1/2/3/4(Options).

Spare AB fan blades (pair)2. Lithium battery USB charging cable1.

Remote control USB charging cable1. Common Problem and The Solution. Q:Why the drone can not take off when using APP. A:If you use the app to take off with a button, you need to use the remote unlock first. Q:Why can't the camera move up and down by the remote control.

A:Lightweight without gimbal design, fixed to maintain the stability of shooting. Q:How many battery of this drone?

A:It depends on the version you choose. If you choose the version like 3 battries, it includes 2 batteries sperately and one battery in the drone.

Q:Why choose the GPS version? A:GPS positioning mode provides a more accurate flight. Note: 1 Battery/2 Batteries/3 Batteries/4 Batteries (number of supporting batteries)All are marked in our SKU and picture. 4DRC V30 Drone WIFI FPV Wide Angle 1080P HD Dual Camera Selfie Mini Quadcopter. Original Rechargeable 7.7V 2100mAh Battery For CFLY Faith mini Drone Quadcopter. Original Rechargeable 7.4V 3500mAh Battery for AE6 MAX Drone Quadcopter. Multifunction 15W Wireless Charging-Bluetooth Speaker-FM Radio-Alarm Clock-Lamp.

4DRC V37 Mini Drone RC Aircraft 6K HD Camera Selfie Quadcopter 360° Rolling. Original 7.4V 3800mAh Battery for RG106/RG106 Pro Drone Quadcopter.

15W Wireless Charger-Bluetooth Speaker-FM Radio-Digital-Alarm Clock-Night Light. USB Dash Cam 170° Wide Angel Night Vision ADAS 720P HD Camera G-sensor Car DVR. 15W Wireless Charger 3 in 1 Fast Charging Station Digital Alarm Clock for iPhone. Wireless Charger-FM Radio-Bluetooth Speaker-Alarm Clock-Night Light for iPhone.

OLEVS Brand Automatic Mechanical Watch Simple Fashion Waterproof Men Wristwatch. Glitter Butterfly Remote Control Drone Children's Toy Aircraft RC Quadcopter.

4DRC F12 GPS Drone WIFI FPV 6K HD Dual Camera Foldable Professional Quadcopter

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